Thursday, November 5, 2009

Grace Maupin McKay

Lorraine McKay and Grace Maupin McKay with Chris (?) 1980's California
I never knew "Aunt Grace" because she lived in California. My parents did go out to visit with her in 1987. With the renewal of their relationship, Grace and her daughter Lorraine sent these photos to Mom and Dad.
Unfortunately, there are no names on the photos. Pictured above is Lorraine with her husband, probably.
On the back of the photo above, it reads, "Jenny before Chris was born."
My mom did sit down and tell me a little about Grace in 2003:

Your sister Jane is a lot like Grace in personality. Grace lived in Grandma's house [after Henry Maupin died?]. She stayed aloof from the family---the other sisters were very close. [I think Mom meant Grace and Jane are in their own little worlds---not a negative "aloof".]

Grace married Harvey McKay, Uncle Hal's uncle. Harvey rejoined the Navy in WWII, and they went to California. Vivian used to say, "I wish sister Grace would come home." Grace came home when Vivian died. Why couldn't she come home when Vivian was living? Grace put Harvey first not her family. Your dad and I visited Grace in California in 1987 and saw Lorraine, too. Lorraine had one boy who was dark and another son who was adopted. Her brother Don lived in northern California.

Grace had breast cancer, Lorraine, too. All of Vivian's sisters had breast cancer. [as have two of my aunts]
To my knowledge, none of these women died of breast cancer. Grace died in San Diego California in 1991 and is buried with her husband Harvey McKay in Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery.L-R: Lorraine, LeRoy Long, Grace, Louise Long and ???
Aunt Mary Long Wassmund added:
Grace and Mama (Vivian) "roomed together" as girls. It was their job to fix their father's breakfast each morning. Grace would push Mama out of bed so she would get the breakfast started. Grace took voice lessons and had a beautiful voice. Mama took piano lessons.

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