Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grover's Photo Collages

In addition to clocks, Grover occasionally made photo collages. Above is one he made with our dog Griffin. . .OK, we housed Griffin, paid his bills, but he was Grover's dog.
He made the one above for our 19th anniversary.The one above and below were for a reunion we had in the Smoky Mountains in 1997.

Photo collages must be a genetic hobby----below are photos which my daughter Rebecca made for me a few years ago.
Rachel made this one last year of my Princess Leia photos.
And, Leah put together a new photo grouping for me a few weeks ago.
Thanks to all of you for the wonderful photos and the memories.


signals3_t5 said...

Grover occasionally made photo collages.
This photo is really very beautiful...

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Leah Morgan Korbel said...

I love these. I know you are so happy to have them!