Saturday, August 8, 2009

Birthday Letter to LeRoy from Ron

L-R LeRoy Long, Ronald Long, Roy Long
When my Dad turned 75, various members of the family were urged to write special memories. I already did one with my Aunt Mary (Dad's sister Mary Long Wassmund)---click here. And his sister Norma Long Rodgers---click here. This one is from my Uncle Ron (Ronald Walter Long) on August 9, 1993.
There were about 20 years difference in their ages. Ron wrote: "Initially it was Baby Brother and Big Brother. This period last from your 19th to age 42. During these years, you served in the U.S. Navy and I was very proud of you as a boy.
Ron continued: "The intermediate years of our relationship was as an older brother---almost a parent figure. these years ranged from your 42nd year to your 72 year. During this period many things changed in transition."

"Now our relationship is as brothers of comparable years and hopefully many pleasant years ahead. Sincerely, Brother Ron"

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