Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Letter to LeRoy from Jaclyn

I wrote this letter to my father for his 75th birthday. Last year, I wrote about my brother Jim's letter to Dad. Click here and you will notice a similar theme in mine---our cars and our family trips! Double click below to read about my memories.
The next section of the letter is about cars I had to drive and the cars/trucks my children remember.

(L-R: Rebecca Morgan Lewis, Rachel Morgan Twenter, Leah Morgan Warren)

"Rachel's favorite---the orange truck. She remembers the time you asked her if she wanted air conditioning. She said yes, so you opened the floor vents and let in the outside air."

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Mizzou81 said...

Jaci - and wonder why I am so careful to own only the best European Cars....sicher sein.....our Father nearly killed us with those rattle traps