Sunday, January 8, 2012

Louise's Red Letter Poems

 While going through my books, I opened this one and saw this inscription "From Mrs. E.W. Newsom To Louise Wicker Harrisburg, Ark. 1930"
 I noted some writing on one page---took me back to my poetry reading days.  Those markings were for reading a poem aloud for a contest or a grade.

 Then, I found these notes written by Mom.

 I did check on the Newsoms in the 1930 census.  They didn't own the house, but rented it. They did live across the street from the First Methodist Church which is still there. They had no children because Laura didn't marry until she was 30.  In 1930, Billy was 70 years old and Laura was 56, so Mom was right---they were old by 1930 standards.
According the census, Laura Newsom's sister, Dora Steele owned the house and was worth $3500. (versus the Newsom's $5)  So, Mrs. Steele was the wealthy one.  I tried to see what the house looked like today, but it has been torn down with new buildings and parking lots.  Oddly, the house my grandparents and mother lived in may still be standing! 205 East HamiltonClick here

So, Mom didn't get the trunk of linens, but she did get a love of books and the warmth of surrogate grandparents which are worth more than a trunk of linens.

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