Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dancing in Heaven

This year I've been very fortunate to meet 3 cousins I'd never met before---all of them are pretty distant---even my parents had never met them. We met through genealogy, we got to know each other better through Facebook---I love the internet and the relationships that can be formed.

My sister says I'll have quite a fan club when I get to heaven, but I prefer seeing this image of ancestors high-fiving each other whenever I meet one of these distant cousins.
I met Ricky in Arkansas this Spring. Our relationship is a bit complicated because My great grandfather is the brother of his grandfather AND my great grandmother is a first cousin of his grandmother. So, we're a little closer that 3rd cousins once removed.
But can't you see our mutual ancestors (on the Wicker side) high-fiving. Above is Virginia Sampson (my g-g grandmother and Rick's g-grandmother).
And, this is John Wicker (my g-g grandfather and Rick's g-grandfather).
A few days later, while on vacation in Alabama, I met up with Catherine. Her mother Claudia below. . .
Is first cousins with my grandmother Vivian (below) making us 3rd cousins once removed also.
This weekend, I met up with Steven---we don't know how we're related but his DNA matches my brother's 67 out of 67 markers. We have an 89.97 % chance of being related within 6 generations.
So, ancestors that lived back in Virginia (see below) are high-fiving that we have met. I chose this place for a photo to show the photos of my daughters, parents and grandchildren to reflect the circle of life.

Or, maybe. . .our ancestors are really having a circle dance. Each time I meet another cousin, the circle gets larger. . . Hey, I think I really like that image.

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