Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Charlie Smith's Family

L-R Anna Brown Smith, Arnold Smith, Carrie Cornwall Smith, Glenn Smith, Eddie Smith (little), "Grandma" Cornwall, 1922
The family above is Charlie Smith's wife, sons, mother and mother-in-law. Charlie was Ellice Smith Morgan's oldest brother. Charlie, like many in West Virginia/Kentucky was a miner. In 1920, they were in Colorado. By the 1930 census, Charlie and his family were in Riverside, California where he is listed as a "decorator" (painter, wallpaper hanger). My father-in-law's family went West in 1929 to visit with this family and thought they might like to settle west, but they came back to West Virginia. Click here for more about that trip.
L-R: Glenn Smith, Paul Morgan, Grover Morgan, 1983
However, the Morgans maintained close ties with their California cousins, so Grover and his brother Paul often visited with their cousin Glenn Smith.
Glenn and his wife Lucy often traveled with my in-laws Grover and Eloise Morgan to Las Vegas and Arizona where Glenn's brother lived.

Double click on the postcard above to read what Lucy had to say.
This is a photo of Ellice Smith Morgan with her older brother Charles E. Smith. I'm guessing it was made in 1960's but we aren't sure where it was made since she was in Florida and he was in California.
Charlie might have even come east for his son Arnold's funeral---I found this letter to my in-laws.

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