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Graham Family, Early Settlers Part I

Leota, a descendant of Theodore Graham sent me the following newspaper article about Thomas Jefferson Graham and Theodore. It's very hard to read so I'm transcribing it---parts may be too unreadable, so bear with me. The dates are exceptionally hard to read because I can't guess. There's no date on the article, but I'm guessing sometime in the 1920's because of the ads with stockings and Velveeta cheese. HA! I found in the text that it's 1932!

As with many of these biographies, there may be some inaccurate statements. Grandchildren of the parties were probably interviewed and the stories might not have been remembered correctly, but. . .there is undoubtedly a great deal of truth here.

The Warren Sentinel Leader Warren, Illinois
"Graham Family, Early Settlers"

Thomas Jefferson Graham
William Graham was born in Virginia and went to Kentucky at an early age. He first married Margaret McCarroll. He was the father of six daughters and five sons. Of his sons, Thomas Jefferson Graham, the 4th child and his half-brother Theodore Graham, the eleventh child became early settlers near and in Warren. The father moved from Kentucky into Missouri where he died.

Thomas Jefferson Graham was born in Kentucky in 1808 and came from Missouri in Millville, Jo Daviess Co. Ill in 1827 were he secured two sections of land in exchage for a drove of cattle which he had brought from Missouri. He took Thomas and George W. Wiley into partnership for a short time in this land deal as noted in the Wiley "warm up" in the Sentinel Leader of March 9, 1????. Graham remained on his property for six years and then returned to Missouri and married Mary Ann Gilmore, the "beauty of Richwoods." He remained in Missouri until 1837 his children being born. The eldest child Charles William Graham was born at Morris Mill [Morse Mill], Mo. on Mar 31 1834 and the youngest was Mary Ann Graham whose birth in June 1835, the mother did not survive. This daughter married Benjamin Miles and lived in Gratiot Township[Wisconsin] over the line from Warren, Ill.

In 1836, Thomas Jefferson Graham married Margaret AuHavre Juneau as a second wife and brought his family to Jo Daviess Co. in 1837 and bought two farms at Waddam's Grove. In 1844 he moved into his Millville holdings. In about 1850 he moved into Warren and engaged in teaming from there to Galena, etc. before the construction of the railroad. He, also, was a partner with Arnold in the meat business in Warren before John W. Bedford became Arnold's sole partner in 1858.

Thomas Jefferson Graham continued to live in Warren until 1865 when he moved to Salem, Nebr. and later into 1864 and was with Daniel Clark Allen and Manley Rogers on the first board of elders.

Thomas Jefferson Graham had twelve children by his second wife, they being----

Sarah Graham, the first child born in Jefferson Co. Mo married Charles Smith, a widower. Smith's first wife had died of cholera in Warren in 1854. The Smiths moved to Salem Nebr. where both died. their daughter Belle, first married a Mr. Wesley and later Charles Stewart. She is a widow living in Lincoln Nebr. Another daughter Ann Smith married Wm Wertz and resides in Omaha now in 1932.

The next children of Thos. J. Graham by his second marriage were Ary who died in 1840, aged 3 1/2 years and an infant who died in 1846 and Laura who was born in Millville in Nov. 1849 and died in Warren in Jan. 13, 1853.

Ambrose Graham, Thomas J's 4th child by his second marriage, lived in Salem, Nebr. His widow who was Kate Malone who resides in Dawson, Nebraska. His daughter Stella is a Mrs. Vandivort of Salem and another is Bessie Rash, living in Salem, Nebr.

Edward and George Graham, twins, were born while Thomas J. Graham was in Waddam's Grove Farm, George died on Sept 17, 1845 at Millville and Edward lived in Salem, Nebr. where he married Annie Malone. Both are dead.

Orphelia Graham, Thomas J's 8th child 2nd marriage, married Frank Wickham of Salem and moved into Kansas where he died. The widow remarried and lives in Okla. Jessie [Jane], the 9th child was born in Millville and married Henry Hare in Salem, Nebr. She now resides in ????,??, the mother of ???? Hare. Delos, the 10th child died young. Frederick, the 11th child of Thomas J. Graham by the second wife was born in Warren in 18?? and died in 18??.

For Part II of the article, click here and for Part III, click here. A variation of this article given to me by David M. says:

Andrew, the 10th child, lived in Salem, Neb. Delos, the 11 child died young. Frederick, the 12th child was born in Warren in 1858 and died in 1882.

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