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Defendants to Graham Lawsuit

Several Graham descendants and spouses are in this photo. The woman in a dark dress with no hat and white hair is Mary Wilson Trimble (granddaughter of Mary "Polly" Graham). The woman in the white dress with big white hat is Bertha Graham Wilson (granddaughter of William Kane Graham).

There are over 200 defendants for the lawsuit fighting Adeline Graham Wilson's will---I'm going to try to identify as many of them as possible by which of Adeline's siblings they descend from. Since many of them weren't named in the will, I don't really understand why they were defendants, but I'm listing these purely for genealogical reasons. For those named in the will, click here. For information on the lawsuit and the plaintiffs, click here. PLEASE, contact me if you have any corrections.

Some are probably not related to Adeline, but they could be related to her husband John M. Wilson:
Thomas J. Miller
Ann Elize Wilson Click here for more information on her.
Margaret Carrow

Most were the grandchildren of her brothers and sisters who are in bold below. If I have a photo of the person, there's a link (underlined) I'm sure there are more of these people on this photo, but we haven't identified them, yet:

Thomas Jefferson Graham (1809)

Edward Graham, Delon Graham, Ophelia Wickham and Francis Wickham, Jennie Hare and Henry Hare, Clement Graham, Jay Miles, William B. Miles, Stella Vandivert and William Vandivert, Annie Wertz and W.W. Wertz,Belle Stewart and C. A. Stewart, Sarah E. Smith
Thompson Graham (1810-1843)

Martha Adeline Brown
Mary "Polly" Graham Brown (1811-1858)

Joseph [Columbia] Brown, John [Paron]Brown, Jane [Long] Maness and A. F. Maness, Susan [Long] Wallace and Thomas Wallace, Thomas Long, Milton Long, Jeptha Long, Lenorah[Long] Couch and James Couch, Adaline Clemens and D.L. Clemens, Mary [Wilson] Trimble and John Trimble, Fannie [Wilson] Williams and Dexter Williams, John Wilson, William Wilson, Ida [Brown] Burgess and Harvey Burgess, Frank Brown, James Brown, Matte [Brown] Eaves and P_____k [Thomas P.] Eaves.
Madison Martin Graham (1814-1882)

Frederick Harbison, Amanda Harbison and M.C. Harbison, George Graham, John Graham, Henry Graham, Lee Graham
Susan Graham Manion(1815-1880)

Emma Pierce and Wesley Pierce, Betha Bittick and John Bittick [should be James Bittick]
Lucinda Graham Pounds(1816)

James Pounds
Arah Graham Lee(1818-1847)

Arah E. Pierce, Adaline Leeper, Samuel Lee (minor)
Theodore Graham (1820-1882)

Charles Teal, Fred Teal, Bert Teal, Ora E. Teal,Lydia Oles[Olds] and King Oles[Olds], Erastus Graham, William Graham, George Graham
Adeline Graham Wilson (1822-1900) This lawsuit is over her estate.

Margaret Julia Graham Lee (1824-1889)

Sophronia Winer and Charles Winer, W. A. Sievers, C. I. Sievers, Mary M. Steel and George Steel, John Bittick,Julia Warren and _____Warren, Flora Bittick ,Jessie Clark and _____Clark, Grace Bittick, Oliver Bittick( a minor),Martha Bittick, Angeline Crull and John Crull
William Kane Graham (1825-1880)

Sarah I. Cornell and W. B. Cornell, Mary Jane Graham, Adella Whitworth and Martin Whitworth, Martin Uriah Graham, Bertha Wilson and John Wilson,
James Stephen Graham (1828- )

Unknown Relationship (please contact me if you know how they are related to Adaline or her husband John):
Susan Perkins
Eugene Pervine
Richard Edwards, Charles Edwards, Fred Edwards
Gilbert Turner, Inez Turner, Beatrice Turner
Ida Brown and Eben K. Brown
Jacob Kerns and Laura Kerns
Emily Graham Edward Graham
Robert Lively and Jessie Lively
Emily Graham (by Clement Graham)
Judson Pounds, Fremont Pounds, Sherman Pounds
Cora Degonia (minor), Harry Degonia (minor)
Cora Wilson and Justus Wilson
Etta Maetzie
Mary Powers
Conilla Palmer and _____ Palmer
Frank Williams
Henry Graham
Ara [Williams] McKean and Luther McKean
John Williams, Robert I. Williams, Thomas N. Williams
Jennie Williams
Verdie Ellis and John Ellis

After all of these names were listed was added: ". . .and all unkown persons intested as heirs in the estate of Adaline Wilson, deceased, defendants."

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