Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pearl Harbor

Last year, I wrote about our visit to Pearl Harbor in 2007. This year, I was cleaning and organizing "my stuff" in the basement and came across the book from Mom and Dad's visit to Pearl Harbor in the 1970's.
I glanced through the book and recalled Mom's story about several of her high school friends dying at Pearl Harbor.

I remember her saying how moving it was to see their names on a memorial plaque.
As I'm thumbing through this book, I see this section under-lined and I wondered why. It couldn't have been the ship Mom's friends were on because it didn't sink in Pearl Harbor.
Within a half hour of wondering why that was underlined in the Pearl Harbor book, I found this magazine and almost pitched it. Mom had written "Keep!!" on it, but I can't keep EVERYTHING.

Fortunately, I saw the post-it note and turned. Dad had written a note in the margin "I was here at this time" over a letter to the editor about the Aug. 12, 1945 bombing of the USS Pennsylvania.
Thanks, Dad! I don't think I need to tell anyone, that I'm crying----Dad may be dead, but his spirit still lives and I think he guides me even more than I realize in my sharing of family stories.